A Stab in the Back

Turning on an ally is something that should never be taken lightly.  Not for me anyway, no matter what my Machiavellian predilections may be, or how I perceive myself as cold, detached, heartless, etc. It’s lousy to stab an erstwhile electronic friend in the back for no real gain. An act of duplicity as such for something as petty as a few pieces of silver or some territory isn’t worth the emotions of scale.  I feel the loss of a part of my soul when I engage in electronic realpolitik, the only remaining good part.

Yet it is done again and again.  Alas, sometimes it needs to be done, like putting down a sick animal, who you loved more than you ever thought you could.  It does not make it any easier to live with no matter what the rationalization. This level of treachery has a unique intrinsic value and there is a price to be paid.  A part of your soul is the coin of the realm.

Anyone could justify this action a dozen different ways, a weak link, a culling, bad game play, duplicity.  All ring hollow to me.  It is a stab in the back, plain and simple.   Nothing to do with what the insipid National Socialists used to refer to the abysmal endgame of the ‘War to end all Wars’  No, a simple betrayal of an ally, an erstwhile friend, for the gain of some territory and/or frontier security.

A simple stab in the back.

Alas, it needed to be done.

We do what we must and carry on.

Ugh, that’s it for now, facacta dyslexia rears its ugly infliction.


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